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As Zenta Engineering, we aim to implement the systems that best suit the building, while we assist our customers in finding the right solution for their air conditioning and installation needs.

VRF Air Conditioning Systems

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VRF Air Conditioning Systems


We select the most suitable devices and create installation project with the on-site exploration service, as well as create the device and installation exploration lists related to the project


By selecting the best devices for the building on architectural design, we prepare the drawings on the project in a way to decrease the investment cost and to increase comfort of use.


We choose the most suitable brand and model according to the investment and operating costs, and calculate installation assembly costs.


It has been found out that a product, whose filters are not cleaned, loses its capacity by 21%, and in order to compensate this decrease in capacity, it increases the energy consumption by 25%. We provide maintenance services through our trained and expert staff to reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning systems and to reduce the repair costs.


With our experienced and trained teams all of which are our own personnel, we provide installation services for VRF Air Conditioning Systems, which we are an Authorized Service of, in accordance with the relevant operating conditions and installation rules.


With our staff experienced and trained on many VRF Air Conditioner system brands, we provide solution to any kind of malfunction in VRF Air Conditioning Systems, which we are an Authorized Service of.


İbn Haldun University Campus

Vestel Tumble Dryer Factory

Elit Pharma

SKF Rulman


Our company provides clean, efficient, and cost-effective energy solutions to end users. We work on cooling and heating applications of Solar Thermal Energy system both in commercial enterprises and in residences. Heating and cooling are two of the largest consumers of the world’s total energy usage.



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Clean, efficient, cost-effective energy solutions. The most efficient cooling system in the world. Just add sun… The simple facts are that the free thermodynamics improve the already enviable performance of our unit by up to 73%. Nothing can match that efficiency.

“From the outset we were very impressed with the simple principles that underpin the technology and had no hesitation in commissioning the installation. We’re thrilled with the results, including the speed of return on investment and the estimated savings over the lifespan of the technology are simply staggering.
During installation SolX worked seamlessly with our local maintenance teams to ensure their equipment was installed with minimum disruption to retail operations within these very busy operational Military establishments and this was another key benefit of working with the SolX team.”

“When SolXenergy approached us, we were on board from the outset. We have huge annual electricity costs, so we are open to anything that helps us reduce this overhead. It’s early days, so we can’t verify exact figures, but what I can say is that so far they are looking in line with what was originally projected. If that turns out to be the case, we will be looking at further installations.”

“We installed the trial system in May 2014, and then left it with the C&W engineers to conduct their own testing. Over the following six months C&W’s own engineers monitored SolXenergy’s performance and stability in detail. We projected an energy efficiency of 51% at the outset, however at the follow up meeting they told us we were way out. Our test system performance was much higher than this and totally smashed our projections and more importantly their expectations.”

“They have already reduced the energy usage in seven of our sites by an average in-excess of 36%, so they were clearly the right partner for this project. What’s more, their affiliation with SolXenergy refrigeration technologies ensured a perfect fit. So far they are producing results that are in-line with their own projections and therefore our expectations.”

“Initial testing of the first applications of the clean energy systems have shown a dramatic 90% reduction in talent trailer generator idling and fuel usage, furthermore we expect our latest line being manufactured at this time to be approximately 30% more efficient than our initial results.”

“After seeing efficiencies exceeding 50% on our UK HQ, further sites are being reviewed for installation including Dubai, USA and Mexico.”

VRF Air Conditioner Brands Authorized Service Documents


Migros Malls

  • Harmoni Park – Newista 3M
  • Manavgat – Alanya Kestal
  • G.Antep Emek – Diyarbakır Forum
  • Kırkpınar – Karasu
  • Uğur Mumcu – İzmit Yuvam
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Mc Donald’s

  • Maslak HUB
  • Sultanahmet
  • Sultanbeyli
  • Şişli
  • 41 Burda AVM
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Vestel Manisa Factory VRF Air Conditioning Systems Installation

  • Air Conditioner Factory R&D Office
  • Air Conditioning & Oven Factory Dining Hall
  • Strafor Factory
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Ford Factory

  • Ford Press Directorate
  • Press maintenance
  • Welding cooler rooms VRF assemblies. (VRF)
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Rönesans Biz Küçükyalı Office

  • Rönesans Biz Küçükyalı Installation of Air Conditioning Infrastructures in Office Project
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BPW Otomotiv

  • BPW Otomotiv GOSB Factory and Office Building Mitsubishi KX Air Conditioning Systems
  • Mechanical and Fire Installation
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Prime Aviation AHL Office

  • Prima Aviation AHL Office and Workshop Facilities Installation of VRF Air Conditioning Systems
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Riot Games Espor the Stage

  • Riot Games Espor Stage VRF air conditioning systems installation and installation service
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